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Constructions: Poems 1999-2011

Understated, ethereal and elegant, these poems create unique worldviews through a diversity of stylistic approaches.

Kay Sellers is especially adept at conjuring up the most optimal and appropriate poetic style to express the precise ambiance or flavor of each grouping of poems. Among this wide-ranging collection are precious stones waiting to be found.

The Last Time I Saw Richard
The Last Time I Saw Richard

The Last Time I Saw Richard tells the story of the increasing disillusionment of Richard Davis during the 1970s.

Incurable romantic & cynic, Richard's story is told through thirteen interwoven stories.

Richard, his friends & lovers reveal themselves through funny, pointed, & often poignant dialogue. The result is an offbeat look into the darkness of the human heart.

Family Secrets
Family Secrets

Family Secrets is the true story of Jaye Peay, a young educated African-Caribbean woman, growing up in a time of independence for her island nation.

As recounted by author Billie Jean Young, Family Secrets is the story of Jaye Peay's struggle to come to terms with her abuse and about the group of women friends who aid her in finding the freedom to live.

As told to Billie Jean Young by Jaye Peay

This book investigates the complex history of microfinance and explores the social architecture of contemporary financial institutions to give the reader a clear sense of the state of the art in this important area of finance. This is a key starting point for anyone who wants to understand or become directly involved in microfinance.

Now, How You Do?
Now, How You Do?

A compilation of eighty-one letters written by Alabama native Susie M. Young to her daughters, Barbara Ann Young and Billie Jean Young, which provide a glimpse into life in the Alabama Blackbelt: the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Rising Technomass

This text explores the (r)evolution of social formations beyond nation-states, beyond the constraints and conceits of nationalism.

Rising Technomass explores the creation of a boundary-less humanity aided by generative technologies.

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